About Pickle Hill Hounds

At Pickle Hill we have always loved the beauty of the Borzoi. However, we also feel they should be able to perform the task for which they were bred. Every part of the Borzoi standard reflects the Borzoi's purpose - to be able to run very swiftly and hunt safely and successfully with great courage and determination.  At the same time, the Borzoi must possess astonishing beauty. A good coat adds to this eyecatching appearance but it should be practical, not dazzling, nor hsould it hide poor structure. There should be an elegant, athletic appearance without being extreme nor too understated. This is the direction we have gone with our dogs over the years. We felt that if the Borzoi can perform the designated task well, proper structure and good health will naturally be there.

We feel that the breeders of our first Borzoi were extremely helpful and supportive in getting us fully familiar with all the aspects of these wonderful dogs. We hope that we can do the same for anyone interested in our dogs.

If you are reading this as a novice to the breed, let us explain that there are several activities open to Borzoi in which they can achieve titles for their accomplishments. There is the most familiar -  the bench champion. An AKC champion is judged on the dog's structure - that is, how well its structure adheres to the Borzoi standard as stated in the AKC Book of Dogs. Temperament plays a slight role here also as the dog must behave and look reasonably happy and be tractable in order to be examined. Next is the AKC obedience title requiring a dog to learn sit, stay, and many more graduated tasks. This is a title that should also be awarded to the owner as it is quite difficult to get Borzoi to perform in this manner. This is not because they are dumb.  Quite the contrary, Borzoi simply fail to see the purpose in such goings-on. After all, what does that have to do with hunting? Coursing... here is what the breed loves. When given the chance, they thrive and even excel because they seem to feel that this is their purpose for being. There are many activities involving the chase, each awarding titles of accomplishment. Lure coursing, straight racing, oval track racing, and open field coursing. All entail judging the dog on his desire, speed, and agility.

Here at Pickle Hill we started with our first Borzoi over thirty years ago. Come with us. We will show you where we started, what we feel we have accomplished, and why we are so very proud of our Borzoi.

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