Pickle Hill Foundation Dogs


Pictured here are some of our foundation dogs and first litter of our coursing lines.
(Left to right: Kamehameha of Rancho Gabriel, Mannon of Rancho Gabriel CC CM & pointed on the lure, Mayor's Run-Up of Pickle Hill CC CM , Carie's Go-By of Pickle Hill CC CM , and La Mascara of Rancho Gabriel CC CM in 1974.) Rancho Gabriel Canby FCh CC CM, was also a very important foundation dog for us.

Click the thumbnails below to see larger pictures of some of our foundation dogs.

Mannon of Rancho Gabriel cc cm Derek of Rancho Gabriel X White Swan of Rancho Gabriel. 3/17/72 - 8/4/86. NOFCA high score Borzoi for 6 consecutive years.
Canadian champion Wilolea's Marichka Snegurka finishing at Kelowna. Sire Wilolea's Blazaway X Wilolea's Snowswept Syblline. Unfortunatel the thumbnail photo is complete but the large version is a damaged file. So if you happen to have a good picture of "Reechyquote;, please contact Bonnie Dalzell.
Champion Contessa Tara of Aristoff winning best of breed under judge Derek Rayne. Am Can Ch Sirhan Poraschai X Ch Lady Ruscha of Aristoff.
Candy Rancho Gabriel Candby "Candy" FCh CC CM

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