Pickle Hill's CEO

DOB: 12/11/2000

DSCN2993small.jpg (25591 bytes)

This is "CEO", a medium size male with a double pedigree on the great Windyglen's CC of Pickle Hill CD LCM CC CM. He sports a beautiful head piece with clean dry look, well veined, reminicent of the great Sirhan elegance. He is now in his new home in Washington state!

CEO is a littermate to LaDiva & Pretty Face

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"CEO" is about 31" at the withers. He is quite affectionate. His color is grey sabling over tan markings.


DSCN2983small.jpg (43855 bytes)

"CEO" is moderately angulated . He has been seen in more profuse coat but he is getting ready for summer at this point.

DSCN2981small.jpg (37576 bytes)

Another view of "CEO"  showing a more clear image of "CEO" hindquarters.