Pickle Hill's Touchet

Here is a picture of the Valley Girl "Touchet" from Renee and Marie.  A Valley Girl on her first ski trip in thirty inches of snow. This picture is after a couple of months of her first experience of a New York winter... A Borzoi in snow.   She loves it!!

Touchet had her first litter! See her and the pups at her homepage over on the Meilikki's Hunt kennel page: here. See the picture pedigree for her pups here.

touchet pups

Below is Gossip - from Touchet's first litter - she's currently the #1 Borzoi in LGRA straight racing and won the Borzoi National LGRA event in 2007
gossip stacked
The image below of Gossip was taken at the Borzoi National LGRA event in 2007

Below is Coy, another of the pups from Touchet's first litter - isn't he a gorgeous boy?coy

Below is Secret. She's from the 1st litter and has done well in the show ring.
secret at 2 yrs

The dog below is Larry. He's from the first litter and shows his athleticism every day!
Larry jumping